Chronic Inflammation is a Destructive Immune Response


chronic inflammation


Chronic inflammation is your body’s confused and destructive immune response to a stream of environmental, physical, and mental stressors, which appear in the form of poor diet, toxic chemicals, and mental and environmental stress.

It is triggered by numerous factors, but most of them are within our control and can be avoided or replaced. Here are some of the major key ways to stop the chronic inflammation cycle in your body.


1) Reduce your STRESS

It really is powerful strategy to be aware of where you’re exposing your body to stress. 

Stress comes in several different forms including:


Nutritional Stress

Foods can cause nutritional stress

This can happen is several ways.

You create nutritional stress if you eat foods that are not properly prepared. Eating food you are allergic too can cause stress.

Even healthy foods can cause an allergic response.

Give consideration when you eat and ask yourself:

“How does this make me feel?” Does your nose start to run after you eat a food?

Do you get extremely sleepy or irritable after eating certain food?

You could be creating an inflammatory, allergic response from the food you eat.

Mental Stress

Is your job or your family stressing you out?

What are you actively doing to manage that stress on a daily basis?

Environmental Stress

It could be that you’re drinking poor water quality or breathing bad air.

The chemicals in the products we’re using can contribute to your stress.

The environment around us is full of toxins that cause systemic inflammatory responses because these foreign toxins are not supposed to be in your body.


2) Not Getting Enough Water

Most people don’t drink enough water or drink the best quality of water! Without enough water, your detoxification organisms can’t work proficiently, so you build up the toxins in your body.

This keeps that cycle going as your immune system responds to remove the toxins, but this can’t be completed, so the inflammatory response stays on.

Are you chronically dehydrated?


3) Too Much Protein

It is very hard for the body to break down protein. High protein levels do create inflammation. If you are constantly eating high amounts of animal protein, will causes inflammatory responses.


4) Too Much Sugar

There are huge quantities of hidden sugars in a large majority of foods we are all-consuming. So it’s a great idea to check your labels. Diets high in sugar set off the immune system and create an inflammatory reaction.


5) Eating Poor Quality Grain

Eating the right types of grains and pulses and legumes is vital to good dietary habits. They are some of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world when grown and prepared properly.

Breads have a lot of the properties that cause the issues that make grains so irritable for everyone. Most commercial grains are also grown with heavy amounts of pesticides that will also enhance inflammation in your body. Try to stay away from all processed grains and use only organic, fermented, soaked, ancient grains.


6) Too Many Processed Foods

Verify with the label on all the foods you choose to eat that come in a box. Your body is usually getting a lot of additional chemicals overburdening your detoxification systems.


7) Eating Trans Fats

There is NOTHING good about Trans fats. Trans fats are also in shortening, which is used in most commercial baked goods, so cakes, crackers, cookies, pies, will expose your body. By eliminating commercial baked goods, you’re getting two for the price of one: less sugar and Trans fats.


8) Not Eating Enough Omega-3

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that helps reduce inflammation. Our bodies don’t make them; they only come from food while omega-6 fatty acids do the opposite and can increase it.

Regrettably, we consume too much omega-6! The reason being Omega-6 is found in seeds and nuts and the oils made from them. That’s where the problem lies because our packaged, processed foods are bursting with oils containing omega-6.


9) Barbecuing

Burnt, blackened foods create an inflammatory response in your body. Overcooking foods – both plants and meats – will create an inflammatory, cancer-causing response in your body. Limit them as much as possible or all together.


10) Over Exercise

If you are always creating that inflammatory response from exercise you’ll start building inflammation. Integrate rest days and listen to your body. If you’re exhausted, adding an inflammatory response on top of that isn’t healthy. Make sure you get adequate rest. Give your body a chance to work through the healing, strengthening response of exercise and keep it at healthy levels.


11) Poor Oxygen

Not breathing enough or not breathing deeply will build inflammation in the body.


Ultimately, chronic inflammation causes deterioration to your immune system, directing to chronic diseases and other serious health issues including cancer, asthma, autoimmune diseases, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, and osteoporosis to mention a few of the conditions associated with chronic inflammation.

Unfortunately, these challenges are often only treated with drugs and surgery, which may provide temporary relief from the symptoms; however do not treat the origin of the problem. In addition, these drugs—and their side effects—sometimes only complicate your health problems.

The tips mentioned in this post will hopefully empower you and help you reduce inflammation over time and provide good health and well-being in the most natural and organic way.

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